Mahindra Finance, our financial services company, is guided by a firm belief in people, their dreams, and their potential to achieve those dreams. Its socially inclusive business model facilitates loans to customers based not on their current financial status, but their future earning capacity. This philosophy has instilled a sense of confidence in the minds of rural and semi-urban Indians – a confidence that allows them to believe that no dream is too big. Today, as a leading non-banking finance companies, Mahindra Finance is proud to have touched over 3 million lives.

Ramesh IyerRamesh IyerRamesh Iyer

Our customer, be it the farmer, the autorickshaw driver or milkman is at the heart of our business, and the only reason for us to exist.

Ramesh Iyer
President - Financial Services Sector

Empowering Potential. Transforming Lives.

Two decades ago, Mahindra Finance began its journey in the rural non-banking finance industry and with that was born a vision to transform rural and semi-urban India into a self-reliant, flourishing landscape.

Since then, we have come a long way, empowering millions of ambitious individuals with personalized finance for a wide range of vehicles, home development requirements and many other diverse endeavors – all to help them live their dreams and Rise in life.

Realizing Dreams

Be it a humble farmer or a budding entrepreneur – we are committed to empower every individual by giving them the resources they need to help their dreams see the light of day.

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