Mahindra Lifespaces has been at the forefront of transforming urban landscapes by creating sustainable communities and is India’s first green homes developer. Through Mahindra Lifespaces, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all our residential projects. We continuously incorporate global best practices; inspire developers to invest in the "Triple Bottom Line" approach and work with policy makers to transform our ideas on sustainability into a collective industry practice.

We are committed to designing urban infrastructure on the foundation of progressive social, economic and environmental management.

Anita Arjundas
President - Real Estate Sector

Sustainability at the Core

  • Design

    Mahindra Lifespaces has undertaken several innovations to make its properties more environmentally friendly. We have invested in improving ventilation effectiveness by providing more open window space. Our projects also have specifically designed terrace roof sections with high albedo material or reflective paint to reduce heat absorption and the resultant energy demands for air-conditioning.

  • Construction

    Our focus on sustainability drives the use of alternate methods in our construction. For example, we use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints, adhesives and insulations to maintain better indoor air quality. We also use high energy efficient low emissivity glass in fenestration that induces more daylight and helps reduce energy requirement for indoor air-conditioning.

  • Recycling

    We install high water efficient fixtures with aerators in our apartments to minimize wastage and reduce water demand by upto 20%. Our projects also feature an innovative erosion and sedimentation control management system outside the building, with a rainwater harvesting system and storm water management to recharge the ground water

Sangeeta PrasadSangeeta PrasadSangeeta Prasad

We wanted to create self-sustaining ecosystems that enable people to live a better life and contribute meaningfully to society. That’s how the vision of Mahindra World City was formed.

Sangeeta Prasad
CEO - Mahindra World City Developers Ltd.

Life, Living, and Livelihood

Mahindra World Cities pioneered the concept of integrated cities designed to create a balance between life, living and livelihood. These integrated urban centers are located near existing metros and comprise special economic zones, industrial parks, retail and social infrastructure. Currently, Mahindra World Cities are operational at Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Jaipur, Rajasthan .

The lifestyle zone, located near the business zone, offers residence, schools, medical centers, retail malls, hotels, recreation facilities, and wide open green spaces for a clean, healthy environment.

Green Army marches on

We started the Green Army initiative to inspire lasting behavioral changes and to educate young children of India to lead a sustainable lifestyles. It is a step forward on the way to ensure a green, clean and plentiful future for citizens of India and the world.

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