We are world's largest selling tractor brand by volume and have been India's No.1 tractor maker for more than three decades. We are the only tractor company to have won the Deming Prize and Japan Quality Medal. Our high quality, tough and durable tractors and implements raise productivity in farms across all continents on earth. Through a string of global tie-ups, most notably with Jiangsu Yueda Group in China and Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery of Japan, we are transforming the lives of farmers all over the world.

Innovation that changed the world

It didn’t seem right to us that in a country where 80% of farmers own 5 acres of land or less, only 1% owned a tractor because no manufacturer catered to their needs. While others saw them not worth their while, we viewed them as folk with a right to farm mechanization. And a chance for us to create lasting impact, in line with our commitment to rural prosperity. So we created ‘Yuvraj’, a compact tractor that cost less than two bullocks and their sustenance over three years.

With design cues from mobile phones and two-wheelers small farmers were familiar with, Yuvraj was designed to be as relevant and accessible to Indian farmers. This is not a large tractor made to intimidate. Nor is it cheap tractor to let farmers with marginal holdings down. Instead, the Yuvraj is a tractor that understands them. Small but proud. Affordable but aspirational. The perfect fit.

Every industry needs to create disruptive innovations … the Yuvraj tractor we launched 6 years back was one such disruption.

Pawan Goenka
Executive Director - M&M Ltd.

Bringing superior technology to farmers

Our aim is to bring tomorrow's technology alive in today's products. Arjun Novo is one such product. Its unprecedented technical features make it one of the most hi-tech and futuristic tractors in its class. It is a rare combination of high-end product performance and fuel economy.

Mahindra Samriddhi India Agri Awards

The Mahindra Agri awards recognize and celebrate the often unsung heroes who have made purposeful contributions in the field of Indian agriculture. The awards are our first endeavor to acknowledge and felicitate excellence, performance and innovation in the field of agriculture.

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